I've written a few screenplays. Here are the ones that are not clearly written by a 14 year old boy!

Jason the Stud.jpg

The Maestro

Buddy comedy about a woman and her sister in the wake of her disabled son being kicked out of school. Inspired by the true story of my cousin and good buddy to the left. Written over a year of  screenwriting classes so this is easily the most polished of my screenplays


Once More That Soap

David Lynch-y nightmare comedy. Kind of about the disney channel, werewolves, and salt to the extent that it is really about anything


Ord-ARGH in the Court

Written as a series of challenges given to me by my cousins. This is an overstuffed non-sensical courtroom drama about pirates. The goal was to try to write a movie where every character could logically be played by Nicolas Cage, and to include as many tropes of our favorite bad movies as we could. Definitely tests the limits of good taste at points, so not necessarily the best one to start with.


Parallel Lines

I wrote this one in high school and it shows, but there's still some bits I like.